PoP hosts its very first “windy city” meet. The inaugural "Pursuit in Chicago" #POPxCHI meet-up was held on Saturday, March 18th, and was orchestrated by PoP team member @dennistejero. The 200+ attendees gathered together at “The Bean”, Millennium Park in Chicago from 1-4pm. Amongst the crowd were guest photographers (@waddy722, @notnicer, @johnsonluii, @smallbatchphoto, @jonfromchicago, @thatanvar, @toritorsion) and models (@kristiantalan, @alisimes, @ms_yasia, @samistoked, @marindelmar, @chloeskoczen, @conwaterman).

Thanks to our sponsorships with Fujifilm USA, Palladium Boots, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Woodsnap, and Skillshare, we were able to offer up some fantastic prizes for the various portrait category challenges (action, classic, chi-vibes, creative, and pursuit). There was even a “Best of All” grand prize of a brand new FujiX100F (provided by Fujifilm USA), which was valued at $1,200!

The meet was a huge success and we were thrilled to have connected with creatives who attended from Chicago and neighboring states. Till date, over 750 photos have been shared via #PoPxChi; the official hashtag of the meet.

The winners of each category were as follows:
"CLASSIC" sponsored by @woodsnap – @morningfinesse, @rbanez3, @smallbatchphoto

"CREATIVE" sponsored by @skillshare – @ricanfx, @michaelmartire, @christian_t_r

"PURSUIT" sponsored by @pursuitofportraits – @mickeyyymars, @notnicer, @_benkasun

"CHI-VIBES" sponsored by @hrhchicago – @erikmarthaler, @alfiefriday, @will_bones, @clairetlindsey, @lizpetersonliz, @ra_kib

"ACTION" sponsored by @palladium_boots – @castillonaire, @jorgegirotti

"BEST OF ALL" - Sponsored by @fujifilmx_US – @imanuel.a

Written by Jessica Rosen for PoP // Header photos via #PoPxCHI