"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing [at all]"  - Helen Keller

When frigidly cold winter weather in New York forced Pursuit of Portraits to postpone the "In the Mood for Love" meet by a week, 14 committed Instagrammers saw an opportunity for adventure. Braving the cold and deserted streets of the city on Valentine's/President's Day long weekend, several members of the PoP team as well as visiting portrait-lovers who had flown in for the meet, made their way to an abandoned, underground tunnel that was a perfect location for shooting. Leveraging the natural beauty of snow falling, the bold graffiti art, not to mention the Tunnel's dramatic shadows and stark track lines, the group spent hours creating portraits of one another... and proved that sometimes all you need is your camera, your friends, and a little bit of daring to create your own adventure. 

Video Credits:
Concept and Edited: @DeejayForte
Produced: @SaunakSpace & @DeejayForte
Filmed: @DeejayForte & @SkinnyWasHere
Narration: @RuthInTheCity
Quote/Words: Eleanor Roosevelt. former First Lady.

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Written by Gemma Gasiano
Photos via @SaunakSpace