Over 250 photographers and instagrammers met this past Saturday, February 20th in Battery Park for the "In the Mood for Love" meet, co-hosted in partnership with Moody Grams. No one could have asked for a warmer winter day, with temperatures soaring in the mid 50's, and spirits high across all in attendance. When asked later on about how the meet went, several members of the Pursuit of Portraits team reflected on how open everyone was to meeting people, collaborating on photos, and even sharing equipment. As hoped for, the crowd was diverse and comprised of people of various skill levels and photography styles. While there were many familiar faces, there were just as many new, and for quite a few individuals, "In the Mood for Love" was the first photography meet they had ever attended.

Similar to the "For the Pursuit" meet in Central Park, "In the Mood for Love" was set up to have attendees move across various locations in order to provide different backdrops and sites for inspiration. Beginning at East Coast Memorial and weaving through Battery Park before ultimately boarding the Staten Island Ferry, helped keep the sizeable group excited and engaged, while also helping foster the organic formation of smaller groups to collaborate within at each location. The day finished over after-party drinks at the Malt House, where attendees had time to strengthen connections new and old. 

The Pursuit of Portraits team and our awesome partner-in-crime and co-host @moodygrams are now eagerly awaiting all the submissions for the meet's five portrait challenges (Classic, Moody, Strideby, Creative, Best of All) with amazing prizes generously provided by our sponsors: W HotelsAdoramaPixShopHex,WoodnsnapJack Erwin, @Langly & NewYork.comAlthough the deadline for submission isn't until Sunday, March 6th, we invite you to check out the photos posted so far under the official meet hashtags #PoPxMoody and #pursuitofportraits, as well as some photos of the event from the team at PoP within our events page.