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Saunak Shah is an Indian-born, New York City-based photographer and designer. With over 10 years in the advertising industry, Saunak has fueled his professional life as an Art Director, while using photography as a medium for self-expression. He is an Associate Design Director for IBM iX; passionate about the future of experience design. Saunak's work has been featured in both art exhibitions and national advertising campaigns. (IG: @saunakspace


Anisha SiSODIA


Anisha Sisodia is a photographer and designer currently residing in Chicago. Photography has always been a creative outlet in her life, but when introduced to graphic design while living in California, she found her new passion. Fresh out of college, she is constantly exploring a variety of creative fields. Anisha now works as a designer and consultant, curates an art and pizza blog, and has co-founded her own creative brand. Anisha's current obsession: making GIFs. (IG: @anishaspice)



Bryce France is a portrait photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He always had an interest in photography since he was a kid. He began shooting portraits while in undergrad studying Fine Art. Ever since, Bryce has worked diligently at bettering his work as well as helping others pursue their creative dreams. His style originates from a mixture of fine art portraiture and lifestyle photography. When he's not photographing, he's looking for ways to meet other people who care about the craft just as much as he does. (IG: @_brycefrance_)



Born and raised in Manila, Philippines and now based in New York City, Dennis has always been very artsy. Growing up, he excelled in drawing and won scholastic art competitions. However, it was not until May 2016 when Dennis took up photography which he now considers his true passion. When not shooting portraits all over New York and other cities, Dennis works in advertising. His resume includes working at top agencies in NYC for Fortune 50 clients like Citibank, Verizon, and Procter & Gamble.
(IG: @dennistejero)



Born and raised in Brooklyn, Karston “Skinny” Tannis has always had an affinity for visual arts and exploration. Specializing in portraiture, Karston was introduced to photography and film through his participation in New York City’s BMX scene as a way to document the adventure. When Karston isn’t coasting on his BMX bike in Brooklyn, he can be found capturing the essence and energy of various socialites in numerous scenes and subcultures. (IG: @skinnywashere)



Jessica Rosen is a Pennsylvania-born creative, currently residing in Brooklyn. Though she has loved taking pictures her entire life, Jessica only recently submerged herself into the world of photography. She is most passionate about connecting with the people behind the camera, and believes that we can all help each other learn and gain fresh perspectives, no matter how new or seasoned we may be. (IG: @mrs.jessica.rosen)

Sharmeen C.


Born in Lahore, Pakistan and now living in New Jersey, Sharmeen fell in love with photography as a child who was amazed by old family photographs and paintings created by her uncle. Growing up with a painter sister, art has always surrounded and inspired her. As a teenager, she discovered her true passion for portrait photography and is constantly exploring and adventuring to create.
(IG: @sharmeen.c)



Janeivy Hilario is a professional photographer and poet out of Connecticut who uses social media and traveling opportunities to express his creative side, capturing the world ranging from landscapes to what he calls "creative portraits". Neivy has worked with Apple, Macy’s, Philly Tourism, Vice, Palladium and many startups. He gives back by partnering with “gramforacause" to provide services to non-profits and charitable causes. (IG: @neivy)



Aundre Larrow is a Brooklyn-based artist who looks at portraits as a window into the soul. He fell in love with photography in high school, shooting portraits of his friends on his Canon Av-1 in between drama club and ultimate frisbee. Since moving to New York City, Aundre has worked with brands to tell their specific narrative through human interest stories, and has fallen in love with shooting weddings as well as watching the sunset from his Park Slope roof. (ID: @aundre




James Creel is a born and raised Brooklyn, New York native and freelance photographer. After picking up a camera two years ago, James was hooked and his creative journey began. Being somewhat of a people watcher, he naturally gravitated toward street photography and lifestyle portraiture. Having grown up in NYC, his affection for the city is often a large presence in his work, from his street shots to his portrait photography. Currently James spends his time creating content for various brands, blogs and socialites while evolving his personal atheistic.
(IG: @realjcreel)


We at Pursuit of Portraits are a team of creatives who are passionate about portraiture photography, and give our time for no monetary gain. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please check out some of the "Areas of Interest" in the drop-down menu below. Industry professional, marketing maven, designer, social influencer, advisor, strategist or potential intern with an acumen to contribute as a collective: We would love to hear from you! We are currently actively seeking a graphic designer, videographer, publicist, event planner and media/partnerships coordinator.

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