Pursuit of Portraits is a global creative collective with a singular mission: Create an accessible global community of portrait-lovers through platforms to share the best of portraiture photography. 

In all our projects, we work to unite portrait photographers and enthusiasts of all skill levels and backgrounds, facilitate collaboration, and foster supportive relationships within this creative community.

Our platforms include small to large scale photography-centered events and quarterly instameets, our Instagram account (@pursuitofportraits), biannual Pursuit of Portraits print magazine, and website.


Established in 2015 in New York City, Pursuit of Portraits is comprised of a diverse team of 14 creatives, led by Founder/Creative Director Saunak Shah. What started as an Instagram account to showcase portraiture photography, has grown into a multi-faceted movement that meaningfully connects thousands of creatives around the world.

Since the pursuit began just two years ago, we've crossed a quite few milestones off along the way. We published our first print magazine in Fall 2016 (and have another on the way set to launch in Spring 2017). We held 2 portrait exhibitions in W New York, Union Square. We hosted 14 Instameets held across New York, Chicago, Seattle, Orlando, and Singapore. We formed partnerships with over 30 brands. And we grew our Instagram community to 100k people (and counting) with over 1.2 million photos shared within #pursuitofportraits.

In 2017, we're excited to continue driving the portraiture photography movement forward by creating new and unique experiences for our growing, global creative community.